For those of us who go through the harsh weather that winter brings, the blossoming of flowers and melting of snow brings us a huge sense of relief and a surge of excitement. Moods change, energys elevate and we begin to excitedly discuss summer plans. While i appreciate winter for what it is, few things make me happier then packing my coat away and seeing all the warm weather styles being displayed in store windows and featured in my favorite magazines.

Inspiration is all around us. I believe anything, no matter how random, can inspire us to create a beautiful, functioning space. For example this skateboard makes me think of warm weather and tropical beaches. The pineapple gives me a theme, and the hot pink wheels gives me an accent color.


I see a whitewashed, boarded beach house, with allot of open and airy rooms, where kids (or adults:)) can feel comfortable to drop their pineapple skateboard on the front porch while laying in a hammock and sipping some homemade pina colada. All this inspiration, just from a skateboard.

My absolute favorite umbrella company. Santa Barbara Umbrellas, always gives me a ton of poolside inspo. Their umbrellas are so frilly and feminine, and often give me an image of sipping cocktails poolside in 1950’s Palm Beach. Every time i go to their site i have an urge to redo my parents pool area in their summer home:D I tame that urge, don’t worry Mom and Dad! To see these beautiful umbrellas, visit some of the world top hotels, where there are placed symmetrically along the pool for shade and ‘fab factor’. Beverly Hills Hotel is my favorite client of theirs, an absolute perfect fit.

Santa Barbara Umbrellas
Santa Barbara Umbrellas
Santa Barbara Umbrellas
Santa Barbara Umbrellas

I think neon colors can be quite tasteful if used right. I love it as a punchy accent color in an otherwise traditional and softly colored space. Neon is so bright and summery and can be a fun blanket throw color, like my new favorite Hermes Rallye 24 beach blanket. So electrifying!

Hermes Rallye 24 Beach Blanket
Hermes Rallye 24 Beach Blanket

I found this picture on pinterest a while back and thought these windows were absolutely magnificent.Detailed, yet open, allowing the summer sun in while still feeling like a proper room with exquisite moldings, taking sunrooms to the next level!


Whether or not  you actually surf, surfboards can be a great way to infuse a home with a certain laid back, beach bum vibe. I especially love these incredible vintage style surfboards with exquisite wood work.


Share some of your own warm weather inspiration by hashtaging #worldofdesignig on instagram or Direct Messaging me! Happy Wednesday everyone! Enjoy this fabulous Weather! :*


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