Summer Wish List (and Essentials)

So, it’s 83 degrees in New York as I type this, a far cry from the freezing air we dealt with less than a month ago. May weather is kind of fickle in the sense that it can go from 49 to 86 degrees in a matter of days or sometimes hours. This past weekend has been gorgeous though, with relatively low humidity and 75 degrees and up. It finally feels like the nice weather is sticking around, and so I’d like to celebrate by sharing with you guys some summery things I’ve been dreaming about through all the snow and ice!

Cotton Hammock. I’ve always loved the look of these cotton hammocks, as opposed to the more traditional rope ones.  I finally got to try one out recently and I must say, they are WAY more comfortable than the rope hammocks. So Cute + Comfy = yea, you get it, perfection!


Fresh Flowers. With all the beautiful variety of flowers blossoming around me, it might be a bit well, impractical, to be craving a box from the Tres Chic floral company, Maison Des Fleurs located in…The United Arab Emirates. The colorful arrangements come in simple,elegant boxes that would make a perfect gift or bedside accent.


Fun Nail Print. Why not? People are putting anything on their nails these days, may as well express our Summer excitement with some fun nail art!

Eddie Parker Watermelon Clutch. Nothing says Goodbye Winter like a seasonal fruit print plastered on your accessories. Watermelon is hands down my favorite fruit (or favorite anything healthy) and Eddie Parker’s clutches are absolutely gorgeous. In other words, WANT!

Carolina Bucci Bracelets. Absolutely adore these bracelets. I am not the world’s biggest jewelry person, as i like to be comfortable and work with my hands, but these unpretentious Carolina Bucci are the perfect accessory for a causal outfit. These bracelets are like the updated, adult version of the friendship bracelet we used to make as kids. Currently eyeing the blue one!

Kelly Wearstler China. Fun fact; I am a Kelly Wearstler Fangirl. I may lean towards a more traditional aesthetic, but I admire her work tremendously and go absolutely heart eyes emoji over her interiors and products. I believe everything she touches turns to gold, like this porcelain dinner plate with 22 karat gold accents in my absolute favorite Kelly pattern (which can be found on her fabrics, too). Still in the process of convincing my mom that she needs these, I’ll keep you updated if any progress made 😀 


Armadillo and Co Rug. Ive been dying for a rug like this since seeing it in a bloggers beach home. Perfect for a front porch or a small hallway. Check it out Here!


Floral Umbrella. A stunning umbrella for the occasional sun shower, or photoshoot. Owning one of these beauties would almost make me want it to rain. Almost. Funnily enough, this umbrella by the brand Rain or Shine is actually intended as a UV shield, but like the name suggests can be used for both.


Clean Perfume. The perfect summer scent.


The Beach People Beach Towel.  Huge. Hand drawn. 100% cotton. Inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s Moroccan Gardens. WANT. Here’s their site!


Oribe Anti Humidity Spray. Like many, my hair triples in size when the humidity is above average, and in New York that is quite often. This stuff does the trick, and its my ultimate Summer hair essential.


Josie Maran Sunscreen. I honestly cannot count how many sunscreens i have tried in my life. For a sunscreen to work for me, it need to be physical (just zinc and titanium dioxide in the active ingredients), non pore clogging, no white residue and no terrible smell. Josie Maran’s sunscreen is beyond amazing and performs not only as a sunscreen but as a light moisturizer with Argan oil and antioxidants that’ll leave your skin with a fresh looking bronzed glow.

Share some of your favorite Spring Things with me on instagram @worldofinteriordesign! Happy Monday!


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