Travel: Rowayton, CT

I spent the weekend in a somewhat unknown coastal town in Connecticut called Rowayton. Rowayton has the feel of the Massachusetts islands without the traffic and throngs of tourists, as it is mostly a year round residential neighborhood, as opposed to a town that quadruples in size once July hits. When you arrive at E Beach Rd in the Bell Island neighborhood, the first thing that will likely catch your eye is the collection of buoys on a homeowners fence. The colorful, weathered buoys serve as an introduction to Rowayton’s coastal charms that will wash over you as you drive around. When I began snapping pictures of the buoys, the homeowner appeared from a pathway from the beach with his two soaking wet beautiful Golden Retrievers. Nothing like a good swim to wake you up on a lazy Sunday morning!

As we made our way down the road the beach came into full view, and boy was it beautiful. Colonial homes surrounded the beach, sailboats dotted the water, and mothers watched as there little ones swam and canoed. It was so picturesque and calming, like something right out of a postcard.

E Beach Rd
                     E Beach Rd
Oh Buoy!
Oh Buoy!
Bell Island
Bell Island
I can Canoe, can you?
I can Canoe, can you?
Waterfront Home
 Waterfront Home
Colonial Homes, E Beach Rd
Colonial Homes, Bell Island
Rowayton's Beach
Rowayton’s Beach
Shingles Cottage
 Shingled Cottage

Whats your favorite coastal town? Let me know by DMing me @worldofinteriordesign on instagram or hashtaging #worldofdesignig. Happy Monday!


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